Taking you to the edge of everything you know about young love, sex and romance; Cloudy River is a bold new online series about pansexual artist Emma (Cloudy) and her musician lover, River, whose open-relationship is put to the test when they move in together. 

When Emma is commissioned to exhibit at the gallery of her other lover, Zara, she chooses to focus the show on her relationship with River, exploring the timeless bond they share, the messy situations they find themselves in, the joy and the pain of their boundary pushing relationship.

As Emma’s opening night approaches, River is offered a gig that could put him on the map, but at the cost of missing Emma’s show. 

Cloudy River asks whether you can truly be there for each other in an open-relationship whilst pursuing the individual freedoms the relationship is founded on. 





Cloudy is a 26yo painter; she sees the world in opposites, all the colours at the same time.

Cloudy has bipolar and is pansexual, her world is multiple and plural, both dark and light, and she brings this unique way of seeing into her art and into her relationship with River, understanding the duality of sexuality and love.

Emma represents a wave of young women owning their sexual identities and their choices, celebrating sex without shame, subverting conventional ideas of what life, sex and love should look like.

She embraces sex wholly and unapologetically. Her art mirrors her internal landscapes – magnificently vast and profoundly deep when her colour is drained she can descend into a darkness that effects everyone around her.




River is a 28yo musician and poet; he is playful, teasing and at times, a complete enigma, but ultimately, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

He is confident, yet he knows how to let go. River is an artist and a lover capable of surrendering and unbecoming. Learning how to love openly and fluidly, 

River is unlearning patterns of possession and jealousy. He represents a new generation of men abandoning traditional power dynamics and embracing equality in all relationships.

His commitment to living instinctively and passionately is infectious but can also result in him hurting the ones he loves for the sake of something new and exciting.




Holly is a 27yo musician and free-thinker; she’s the lead singer, song-writer and guitarist of her band.

Strong minded and self-assured, both within herself and in her music. Having a strong sense of self, Holly is sexually confident, boldly exploring her sexuality with both men and women. 

She is kind and respectful, though her open-minded and socially progressive attitude causes her to overstep a boundary when she’s welcomed into Emma and River’s bed.